Rich with vitamins and antioxidants, goji
berries are traditionally consumed by the
indigenous peoples of Tibet due to their
many health benefits.


Goji berries are grown in Slovenia, on
the fertile soil of the Prlekija region, in a
nature-friendly way. These are authentic
Slovenian goji berries, all hand-picked at
the end of summer.


The berries, from which our
premium product - the unique Goji
fruit spread - is made, are 100%
european organic certified, which
demonstrates their quality.

Consumption of
goji berries

The market already offers dried or fresh fruits; however,
Goji fruit spread represents a matchless product, which
will convince even the most demanding customer with
its specialty and flavour. Organic goji berries and natural
additives pour into unique and mouth-watering fruit spread,
that will not leave you indifferent.

Modern technologies and
innovative approaches

Goji berries are grown in a way that helps keeping
the environment clean and our nature intact by
employing the latest technology and taking innovative
approaches to agriculture, which results in organic
production, storing and processing.
This environmentally-friendly crop production enables
sustainable farming, which is the future of agriculture.

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